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PR20: Heart of the Ghost - Heart of the Ghost

"The trio just dropped their first proper recording—a self-titled tape on McColm's own Pidgeon Records—and it captures the magic that makes Heart of the Ghost such a compelling trio to experience live. Though Gilgore's skronked-out sax wailings anchor the tape's two 13-minute tracks, no one part is greater than the sum of the whole. McColm's inventive percussion techniques feel like a rhythm from another world, and Stewart—easily one of the most prolific and talented bassists in the region, if not the entire country—takes his instrument to new dimensions. Together, Heart of the Ghost's vibes fits into the lineage of free jazz established by greats like Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, and Archie Shepp. Dive in."

- Washington City Paper

PR18: Zach Rowden/Xenga - Split

"Low droning vibrations, almost mechanical at times, continually maintaining sentient quality that languidly breathes out. The bass surging with effort as if the musician has found the exact tone, causing the material construct to disintegrate."

"For musicians to thrive in the fringes, where music becomes chaos, it is truly amazing to see two connect so tightly. These sounds alone hold mayhem and sharp bites, but together they are there for each other. Balanced intensities falling from crescendos and climbing mountains together. A sonic mixed drink that goes straight to the bloodstream."

- Lost In A Sea Of Sound

PR16: Nagual - Scraps: Southern Tour

#165 of the Top 200 Tapes of 2017 - Tabs Out Cassette Podcast

PR 15: Nagual - Clear III

"Warmth is the feeling most imparted by Nagual. Like the friction from gears in a wristwatch, small parts moving in a hidden harmony. Faintly heard when the world is quiet, but working ever loudly when the mechanism is pressed for audio clarity. Energy in motion and moving forward, sounds rattle and fill thoughts with infinite wonder."

- Lost In A Sea Of Sound

PR14: I.G.M/Lugweight - Seven of Clubs

 "It’s spectacular. Just massive. It sounds like if you saw Sunn O))) and they were standing miles from each other and somehow filling the space and enveloping everything in between." - dead formats

"Torche took stoner rock, right, and just shoved a molten cone of neon-pink cotton candy right through its heart. In this manner, so too does Ian G. McColm, but with doomy, blackened noise." - Cassette Gods

PR11: I.G.M - Virgin Skins

 "There’s one thought the listener is left with after Virgin Skins, though: McColm isn’t just a good drummer, but a great performer in general." - Memory Wave Transmission


PR04: Nagual - Clear One: Ether(s)

 "Seriously. This tape is gorgeous." - dead formats